carolbaby self-care week: day one

#goalz achieved! I cycled in to work and also made my lunch – ham, seeded mustard, vintage tasty cheese and lettuce on sourdough roll. The roll was a little too large and quite chewy, I think I’ll save the remainder for breadcrumbs. The downside of taking lunch is that I don’t tend to leave the building and just keep working through – must force myself out more, even if just for a short walk in the freezing cold. 

This evening in the pursuit of soothing self-care activities, I exfoliated and face masked, after which I felt all smooth and glowy.

Possibly I could have Achieved more self-care (All The Self Care!), but this is supposed to be a gentle and non-judgemental exercise.

Mood level = 3/5 
(Tuesday morning was 0.5/5 so this is pretty excellent progress)

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