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This was pretty much the only souvenir we brought back from our holiday – actually probably one of the only things we bought. Despite being a week longer and fairly luxurious, we spent significantly less money than when in Japan – where we bought All The Things.

We picked it up at Hanoi airport while killing time waiting for the flight to Da Nang. I’m glad we did because we never saw anything like this again – we saw variations, but they were not so delicate or so lovely.

This weekend is forecast to be horribly rainy, so I think I’ll spend an hour or two sorting my holiday snaps – it will probably take much longer, but it will be a start!

After they’re done, I might finally tackle those Japan pix. 

One of my problems is that I don’t quite know what to do with photos, I obviously put some here and used to use flickr – but I’m always conflicted about whether to post to the RealName account I share with Don or to the carolbaby one, so usually end up doing neither. I’ve been thinking of possibly having them printed in a book (as opposed to photo prints stuck in an album). I feel like I’d be more inclined to look at them in hard copy form.

I’m a little resistent to the book idea – that’s probably another thing for eventual discussion with a therapist.


** who has recently been editing hundreds of holiday photos

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