maybe i don’t need to measure everything

so much for that rain!

Started out early today with my usual Saturday morning run. This has turned into more of a run/walk. I’m not entirely pleased with this development, but am consoled that least I’m avoiding injury. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this ageing caper.

My garmin kept randomly pausing without me realising and I’d keep looking down to check distance only to see the paused message. The minor annoyance of the tracking failure made me question exactly why I’m tracking myself to the metre and to the second. It’s kind of the same with my rides to work. I know approximately how far it is, why can’t I just enjoy the moments? Do I have to quantify everything?

While on the run/walk I snapped a few photos, but can’t share them because my phone and laptop are not playing very nicely together right now. 

I suspect technology is trying to tell me something!

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