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still more prettiness from saturday’s run

One day until weekend!

I’ve spent the majority of the past week catching up on very long overdue admin tasks, requiring lots of close attention to detail. 

It’s funny how much you forget how to do when you’re mostly consumed with strategic manageressing stuff and spend the majority of your time in meetings.

Because of my forgettery, it’s probably taking twice as long as it should and I’ve had to call on Vincenzo a couple of times for advice – the pupil becomes the master!

All of this is part of a clean-up in prep for the handover of tasks to other areas (mostly Heather’s). 

I love that SML is embracing the concept of having the right people in the right jobs doing the right tasks. While I loved the role of “fixer”, this will really shine a spotlight on some of the less competent (and incredibly lazy) amongst us, which my (and Vincenzo’s) fixing invariably covered up.

Amazing to think how different SML is now to 2 years ago!

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