signs of ageing #3858584

Tomorrow afternoon I’m off for my two-yearly eye check. 

I’ll be surprised if I don’t come away with glasses for distance because far away things are starting to become a little fuzzy. This is in addition to the glasses I already wear for reading – or that I’m supposed to wear for reading, sometimes it’s just easier to bump up the size of the typeface on things. 

The deterioration of your close-up vision really sneaks up on you – for years glasses are just there as a nice-to-have to make things a little more crisp, and then one day you find yourself holding a menu at arms length so you can actually read the text. Don’t even get me started on food nutrition labels! 

Don and I agreed we really need to be carrying glasses around at all times, that or a small magnifying glass.

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  1. Good luck with it all. The thing I find interesting is the right eye is getting worse, but the left one is staying fine. The thing I hate most is the puff of air.

    • carolbaby says:

      I got no air puff! He used some other … thing … to test my eye pressure.

      The big flash of light to check my macula was not the funnest. Giant pink spots for ages!

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