killing time at the train station

Because of the optimetrist appointment this afternoon I took the train in to work today. After standing on the platform for 10 minutes, I realised I’d have already been half way to work if I’d cycled. Such are the thoughts of a New Enthusiast.

As I suspected, the eyes have deteriorated. I do in fact need a prescription for distance AND I need the prescription bumped up for reading. So I treated myself to a hideously expensive new pair of reading glasses and am getting what are essentially bifocal lenses inserted into my current black thick-framed hipster pair.

Apart from a heck of a lot of eye strain (hello, computer, tablet, kindle and phone!) eyes are otherwise very healthy – though the wallet is now not.

I’m planning to cycle in again tomorrow, because – Enthusiast. I’m wildly excited because I bought a flashing red light to attach to the back of my helmet and I can’t wait to try it out.

What I am not doing is getting a cold. Those around me may be dropping like the proverbials, but I am very healthy. The sort of very healthy person that does not succumb to colds. At all.

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May 5, 2017 3:39 PM

I went to the optician this week as well and thankfully my eyes have not deteriorated. The eye test here costs £25 (and my employer will refund it!).