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My backpack weighed over 7kg this afternoon, which was just a bit of a struggle on the bike – this leads me to think that maybe I’ll need a rack and panniers (more things!) if I am going to keep it up and not break my back.

It’s been the usual intense sort of week and I’m exhausted as usual – actually probably a little more than usual after all of the riding! I’m very happy to be getting in the extra exercise as I was getting a bit sluggish. 

I promise that I really will stop evangelising cycling to work at some point.

This weekend I plan to, well, I don’t really have plans other than doing a little worky work and some grocery shopping – both of which sound horrifically boring. Of course there also is housework to be completed – which sounds no better!

I vow to do five nice things for myself over the weekend – though I have yet to determine just what those things might be. Will report back!

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    • I avoided because I thought a rack would add too much weight to the bike – which is completely stupid because it’s not like I’m not carrying the weight anyway!

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