okay, one more update

So far we’ve managed to ride in three times in a row! 

After we split off on our different routes this morning Don got a flat tyre. Fortunately this was quite close to work so he didn’t have too far to push. I am totally ill-prepared for such a thing, so my response to this would probably involve lots of crying. 

I think I’ve discovered my preferred route home – which has me mostly off the separated bike path and in amongst lots of traffic (in the dark no less!), it’s quicker and the traffic is relatively slow moving and accustomed to bikes. Sydney peeps may or may not be aghast to learn that it requires a little bit of riding on Parramatta Road.

I feel very, very brave!

There’s one hill that absolutely kills me (and I quickly become exhausted, wobbly and full of heavy breathing), but I definitely need practice with hills so this is a good thing.

Who knew travelling to and from work could be so enjoyable?

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