at least it makes me slow down

Today we mostly sat about reading and resting the pauvre swollen sunburned feets (occasionally wrapping them in soothing cool facecloths).


I originally included a shot of my patchily burned back and shoulders here which I removed because you really don’t need to see my bra. This is where being better at drawing would come in handy!

I say we sat around reading, but despite the burned feet Don did get up at 5am to go and play golf – after which he also sat about reading. We did vary our reading locations (on the balcony, by the pool, on the beach) and had an excellent and refreshing swim in the sea. It is incredibly peaceful and lovely here.

However it takes all of my powers not to feel guilty for sitting about. I need to remind myself that this is exactly what one is supposed to when on holiday – particularly when one is staying at a beachy resort. Not everything has to be an improving cultural experience.

It is also taking all of my powers not to be infuriated with myself for getting sunburned. I should know better than to let this happen. Frustrating too because I’d been doing a completely stellar job of coverage up to this point.

Clearly I have quite a long way to go in terms of being kind to myself and cutting myself a frigging break.

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