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Today we visited Hoi An – which I think is probably the most touristy place we’ve ever been in our lives. We could barely move for people trying to flog us stuff over the course of the 5 hours we were there (even when we were in a bar grabbing a drink^^).

Hoi An is quite a picturesque town and we had a really fabulous meal at Bale Well (recommended by Don’s caddy** from yesterday), but overall I can’t say we were huge fans. I realise this makes me sound completely insufferable, but I much prefer less obviously touristy places.

By far the most exciting thing for us was finding a tube of magical banana boat aloe vera gel which is absolutely stellar on the sunburn! Definitely needs to go in with the holiday supplies.

And I did manage to take some pleasing photos:


^^ Non-alcoholic for me of course!

** Yes! Don had a caddy – the club forces you to, we are not that fancy!

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