50before50: #43 5 x hikes of >10km – 5/5

Another walk which is not *strictly* a hike, but hey – my challenge, my rulez.

I’ve still to write up hikes 2 (kyoto – temples and mountain) and 4 (hanoi – roaming the city streets), but we can definitely call this challenge done! Woo hoo!

This morning we decided we’d take on some of the 30km(ish) of Da Nang beach and went for a very long (shoeless) walk. The morning was cool and bright – we put on sunscreen, grabbed some water and camera and set out.

The beach is really lovely – loads of wee birds, crabs and the occasional dragonfly and butterfly. There were parts which were slightly less pristine, but not too bad – pretty sure the beachside hotels spend a good deal of time ensuring their patches are spotless. There’s a whole lot of construction going on along the beach – mostly new hotels/resorts – I doubt there will be any empty beachfront property in 10 years.

It was a really great walk – we did 6km out and back (for a total of 12km). The downside – clearly we didn’t apply enough sunscreen as various parts of us are terribly, terribly sunburned – particularly the tops of our feet, which (ouch!) are very, very pink and swollen. Wearing shoes is a bit of a challenge. Truly this is karma – because only yesterday I was snarking on the very very pink sunburned people laying around the pool.

On with the pix:

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