must approach more things in this manner

As promised yesterday. I dragged out the quilt supplies and sat them on the coffee table. 

My intention was to attach a border to just one of the squares so I could get this thing restarted. Several months ago I had carefully basted around the border of each slightly-differently-sized, slightly-crooked square to make them all the same size and square them up – and then did nothing further.

And the supplies sat in a pile for most of the day, just looking at me and looking at me.

While I was pottering about, I thought very long and very hard about the method I would use to cut and construct the borders, what the dimensions should be &etc. And instead of picking up the scissors, I picked up my knitting.

After a several hours I laid the squares out on the floor – NewKitty helped.

And I looked and touched and pondered and asked myself some tough questions. While it all looked very pretty, I took a deep breath and admitted that I really don’t want to make this quilt and that holding onto the fabric for such a very long time was just serving to make me guilty. To get all Marie Kondo on you, it was sparking no joy whatsoever.

So I bundled everything up for the donation pile and felt immediate relief!

And yes, must do more of this – life is way too short for guilty projects!

0 thoughts on “must approach more things in this manner

    • Thank you!

      And well done you! It’s very freeing, isn’t it?

      I reckon my stash could still do with more thinning out. I really don’t know what I was thinking buying half this stuff – too many sewing blogs probably.

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