falling asleep at the keyboard

I’m not really sure if I’ve been quite maximising my few days off. 

I’ve done a bit of pottering about, including wiping the data from two more ancient hard drives (now ready for the ewaste collectio) – one 10gb drive was dated 2001! 

I’ve also been getting out the knitting and am now up to the spot on the scarf from which I had to unravel. One does forget how long a decent scarf needs to be.

I’m off work tomorrow too, so my intention is to go for a quick run and then drag out the patchwork quilt supplies – the plan is to sew a border around at least one square, then we’ll see how it goes. 

I’m finding these partially completed things laying about in drawers and such supremely frustrating. Time to address that where I can – perhaps a policy of not starting new things until something from the backlog is completed.

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