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Hey, hey it’s Xmas Day!

We’re having a very weird Christmas this year and not doing anything traditionally festive at all. Joan is in Columbia, babies having big family Xmas in the suburbs, we’re not really going crazy on the gifting, have no (even minimal) decorations and no insanely complicated and time-consuming Christmas feast. Yeah, it’s odd – and very peaceful, but odd.

And (big and), I’m not drinking. In years past, I would have had a few festive champagnes at this point, it does feel a little strange not to. But I have mint, I have sugar, soda water, limes, lemons – virgin mojitos here I come. Unfortunately I forgot to pick up a set of cocktail animals and/or umbrellas, but I’ll see what I can come up with.

To mix it up a little and maybe create some new traditions, we decided to kick the morning off for a short bike ride. I think we both would have loved an Epic Christmas Ride (next year please), but we haven’t been riding a whole lot since we came back from Japan, those colds really knocked us about a bit and it all really shows on our fitness (and fatness) levels.

We diverted a just little from our usual routes and of course with new things to see there was nothing for it but to go crazy taking photos.

#nofilter – crazy beautiful morning


more #nofilter


The remainder don’t have filters either, but there’s not so much sparkle.

This was a wee lookout, I’m not quite sure why you’d want to gaze upon this, but to each their own.


We rode across this bridge which took us to the other side of the canal and along the road past the airport.


Exciting because we do very much like planes and industrial airporty type things.


I don’t know why, but I find the name Nigel Love Bridge highly entertaining.


Containers in the distance!

I have taken photos of these before from another angle (well, probably not these exact containers)


Our route. 17.2km – not hugely far for us, but our fitness is WAY down.


I very much hope that you’re enjoying whatever it is you’re doing!

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