though i refuse to drink from a jar

So about those festive Xmas drinks

First up, I freestyled with the half pot of rapidly cooling tutti fruity tisane I had sitting on the counter.

Half tisane, half soda water, a small bunch of slightly smooshed mint leaves and ice.

It was pretty darned excellent.

Will definitely have this again – except that like most of my T2 favourite tisanes, this one was a limited edition and therefore vanish as soon as you’re hooked.


While enjoying my tutti-fruity concoction, I was madly googling for other mocktails and came across sober julie and the Raspberry Mint Julep

I had a couple of raspberries in the freezer (from Bessie’s birthday cheesecake – which is a post for another time), had some mint in the garden and I ran down to the servo around the corner to grab some ginger beer. As an aside, I’d not had ginger beer before – it’s actually a pretty nice mixer.

This was really incredible. Such a good drink! I loved it so much I bought a packet of frozen raspberries and ginger ale at the grocery store today.

I also grabbed a bunch of ingredients for other drinks – including pineapple juice, crushed pineapple for coconut cream for virgin pina coladas – which I’m going to give a whirl tomorrow.

This is actually pretty fun!

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