to ert is buman to forgive divine*

As is invariably the way at the end of January in Sydney, it is disgustingly hot – bordering on tropical. So of course there was nothing for it but to go out for a quick run this morning.

The garmin told me it was 25oC when I set out at 8:46am and I believe it. I must have lost about 2kg in sweat. The idea that I run much better in the cooler weather was disproved again because I did much the same time as the last two runs, one hot, one cold.

I was hoping to get to 4 or 5km tomorrow, but it is forecast to be hotter. Ugh.


A couple of weeks ago we took the old television out of our bedroom where it was doing nothing apart from gathering dust and gave it to Joe/Frank. We didn’t have anything appropriate to sit it (or the dvd player) on, so there was a quick trip to the big blue and yellow store this morning for an insanely cheap tv bench, and a lamp for his room, and some batteries, and a sisal rug, and NO ikea chocolate.

On the way we dropped a couple of bags of cast-off items to the charity shop and then were side-tracked by planes and industrial things:

After we shopped, I took what I think is my favourite photo ever:


We then stopped into the cat protection society (don’t get excited) to buy the kitties a new scratching post.

NewKitty was pretty happy about it:


It was such a sparkly day that I was forced to take more photos:

can’t say this looks entirely safe

power pole installation 1

power pole installation 2


We stopped off for supplies for dinner – chicken legs for BBQing and salad fixings – and a giant bit of ginger for booze-free drinks. Today marks a month since we have patronised any Coles or Woolworths (or subsidiary) stores. I feel pretty good about this and hope we can keep it up for as long as possible. We’re pretty fortunate to have alternatives, though I will admit that it can be more costly to purchase from them.


We spent the remainder of the afternoon hibernating in ThePalace(OfLove) There was beer making, there was cleaning, there was pottering on the InformationSuperhighway, there was a good deal of complaining about the heat.

*spotted in Hong Kong on a tee shirt sleeve.

3 thoughts on “to ert is buman to forgive divine*

  1. I love your local Ikea. The platonic ideal of an Ikea store. I plan to go there when the kid moves to Sydney next month. In fact, I am probably going to be in your city a lot more due to her forthcoming uni studies. Also, I hate tvs in the bedroom so applaud you moving it along.

    • Oh! That is exciting! Where is she going?

      I think we had the television in the bedroom for 2 years and watched it for approximately two weeks during the world cup.

      It is definitely one of the better ikeas. I’m always conflicted about shopping there because I don’t want to be the ikea house, but as I look around that is mostly what it is. Surely I am at the age where I should be buying grown-up furniture!

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