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In addition to the all hands Xmas party, SML generously decided kick in some cash for team lunches, with instructions to take an afternoon off for same.

My teensy team had planned ours for the 16 December, but had to cancel at the last minute because of [big project reasons].

Right we said, let’s do 22 December when it should be a lot quieter and everything will have wound down.

Ha! We got to today and acknowledged that lunch and afternoon off was never going to happen because of [big project reasons].

We’re now scheduled for 25 January, when the current phase of [big project] will be over.


I have never ever been so crazy-busy at work in the week before Xmas. It’s actually great and I’m enjoying it a good deal, but at the same time it’s just bonkers.

As a consequence, my head is all over the place. So over the place that this morning I bought a single-use train ticket – because I could not find my travel pass in my wallet. After I scanned the single-use, I went to put it in the pocket of my skirt – and found the travel pass (which I must have put in there on the way, but had no recollection of doing so). 

Then I got to work and was scrambling through my bag looking for my SML pass to enter the lift, colleague came along and so I tail-gated her – when we reached our floor, she scanned me in, I put my hand in my pocket and … (you guessed it) … work pass (which I must have put in there on the way from the train to the office,  but had no recollection of doing so).



Last day tomorrow! Allegedly a half-day, but I suspect I will be there until 6pm.

Saturday – napping!

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