and breathe

I escaped from SML at a very human time of 1pm today, snuck in a quick hair-cut, grabbed a couple of bits and pieces and then home for a glorious nap. 

The nap was totally unplanned, I lay down on the bed for a second to read my ipad and woke up an hour later. Sleep well needed, I was utterly exhausted. What a week!

After I woke up I had the genius idea to drag out a camping chair (not used since April 2012 and only used twice), set it up on the top balcony, make a pot of tea and read in the late afternoon sunshine. 

It was pretty great! The chair is surprisingly comfortable, and there is something about just sitting and reading outside that is incredibly relaxing. 

This is definitely something I’m planning on repeating in the break. I really do need to get on that ActionItems list.

bad photos – will clean up when I’m at the Laptop.

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