Divisional Managers lunch this afternoon and I was able to obtain a festive and delicious non-alcoholic drink!

Virgin mojito FTW!

This was one of those seemingly random occasions where I had to justify not drinking. A bit of ‘you won’t be able to keep it up”, “why don’t you have a sip of my [random cocktail]?” And the  always popular interrogative “just how bad was your drinking anyway?”. (Answer: not at all bad)

This is kind of crazy, as it has been a really long time (years) since I’ve had an alcoholic drink at a work event.

Then everyone decided to reminisce about dunken episodes from my past, like that one time I cried at an end of financial year party, or that one time I went to sleep with my head on a table. Scandalous!

I do like these people very much, but HolyGoodness they can be tedious!

Two days.

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