two halves

The sky was rather crazy tonight, as evidenced by the two photos below, taken seconds apart:

to the north

to the south west

Rain would have been very welcome, but nothing eventuated.

I’ve spent most of my down-time futzing around with my laptop (or the wireless access point) to try to improve my internet connection, which even after reinstalling windows is still pretty flakey. I do have a couple more things to try, but man! the whole endeavour is time consuming and exhausting! And not occasionally frustrating.

I’ve never known the week before Christmas to be quite so intense work-wise. I feel super-run down and look forward to a good deal of self-care during the break. Neither Don nor I feel like we’ve properly recovered from our colds, so there are a lot of nurturing activities in our futures. Only a mere three days to go and then rest!

And Action Items lists – definitely a must!

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