Summer has been pretty harsh and hot and it has not been too great for the flora on the lower balcony, but we have …



Lots going to seed:




Some greenery hanging on.

In the foreground is a wee goblin tree, one of two that self seeded in a pot back in Glebe. This one stayed very tiny for years, I replanted this year and it has gone mental.

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  1. My parsley has completely bolted, too. I console myself that it is good for bees and butterflies. I hear it is to be unspeakably hot in Sydney today. My condolences.

    • Everyone at SML who went outside was complaining about it, but I was pretty much trapped indoors for most of the day.

      Wasn’t too bad on the way home this evening, but ThePalace has absorbed a lot of heat. The bedroom is almost tropical – of course we did not have the broken air conditioner replaced in the winter months!

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