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About a month ago, perhaps a smidge longer, I was doing a little light gardening on the lower balcony, mostly of the tidying kind.

Part of this was ruthlessly removing some very sad and tired rosemary and preparing the pot to take some small basil plants it its place. After removing the rosemary I was left with a pot half full of fine grey dust – there was little evidence of any organic matter at all. So I used the opportunity to combine it with compost (if that is what you call the worm poop?) from the classy worm farm.

Imagine my surprise a few weeks later to find these tomato plants going completely nuts. It was especially surprising given that I hadn’t actually planted any tomatoes. Clearly treats from the wormies!

Knowing my dreadful luck with tomatoes, I’m not holding out much hope for anything to come of it (and they should definitely be thinned out). But hey, Go Nature!

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