the palisades from below

Apparently it was extremely hot today, probably fortunately I missed most of the heat because I was trapped in the icy confines of SML smashing out a 25 page report for an Important fortnightly meeting. 

I did have a minion on a contract for this sort of thing (which I am not sure if I’ve mentioned), but I bid him farewell after six months because he was massively lazy, not engaged and a bit of a precious princess. LazyExMinion now intends to start his own consulting business in the same sort of area, which we all found quite hysterical because we’re pretty sure that you need to put in actual effort to be successful on your own. I’ll be watching with extreme interest.

The upshot of this is that this stuff now falls to me (well me and another minion who I’ve roped in as backup). Entertainingly it took me 1.5 days to produce what LazyExMinion was taking 2 full weeks to complete – and my time included completely reformatting the whole thing to remove a good deal of the nonsense AND seven separate stakeholder meetings. I am quite happy to be extricating myself from BAU grunt stuff and focussing on this mostly full time. 

I really ❤️ my job right now (quite possibly the first time I’ve thought this in my life).

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