one month

So today marks a month since I stopped drinking alcohol permanently.

So far I’ve managed to survive birthday, SML cocktail function, SML Xmas party and a trip to the theatre sans booze. These are all fairly festive occasions and I really haven’t missed not being able to drink. Okay, maybe I missed having a glass of pre-theatre champers and maybe I get a little bored with lime and soda at functions.

As I bemoaned to my SML peeps, there are occasions when I want a happy kind of drink. So I’m considering perhaps carrying a supply of festive flamingo straws, festive cocktail animals or festive swizzle sticks about in my handbag.

I’d love to get myself this feminist sober killjoy tee-shirt to celebrate the month, but I’m a bit discomfited by the term sober for the non-drinker. Perhaps it is an Australian thing, but to me it says the alternative to sober is drunk – with all those connotations (like breakfast beers &etc). Maybe that’s just my binary style thinking.


The world is still trying to make me drink though, as evidenced by this extract from an email from ebay I received this morning.

It should be noted that I have never bought, nor even searched for, alcohol on ebay (and I wouldn’t buy from Dan Murphy’s if I did!).

The more you don’t drink, the more you’re aware that alcohol is pushed on you everywhere.


I’m feeling quite positive about my progress. Sure I will miss the odd glass of champers, and the prospect of never having an espresso martini or a lemon sour again makes me a little disappointed, but to me the benefits are worth it. And having done this before – it is definitely easier this time around.

If we figure I live to 100 (feasible I think), that’s another 615 months of no alcohol. I promise to stop blogging about it around month 136.

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