ptsd (and maybe tmi)

I had long been super sneery about padded pants and lycra for cycling, but after actually wearing a pair of padded pants I was all turned around on the subject.

yeah, i know you can see what i see in that stitching

I adored my winter pants, but with their superior thermal abilities and water-resistance-ness they were killing me in the spring heat. So I decided to go all out and get myself a pair of the more premium lightweight castelli bib shorts for summer riding.

They arrived during the week. I was wild with excitement and then I unpacked:

Eeeep! Why would anyone choose this colour for the padding of ladies pants? WWWWHHHHYYYYY?!?!


Despite it being over 4 years since my hysterectomy, I was visited by very horrible nightmares related to, well I’m sure you can imagine, on the night of the unpacking.

I’ve yet to wear them for a ride, but they are extremely light-weight and crazy-comfortable. I’m very excited.

But for the love of all that is … whatever … WHY WOULD YOU SELECT THAT COLOUR????

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