slimy #20 #21 #22 #23 #24. fin.

It’s the home stretch of the Babor advent calendar project!

Behind door #20 was another HSR lifting glamour fluid. More face gold!

It claims to visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, but I’m pretty sure I have the same number of (if not more) wrinkles – despite three weeks of application.


Door #21 and #22

Next up: Glow Booster Bi-Phase Ampoule. The claim: promotes radiance and a youthful complexion.

Unusually, I took handwritten notes, which I’ve reproduced below:
+ small ampoules (see comparison photo – quite a bit smaller than the rest)
+ thickish (takes quite a bit to cover face)
+ skin very, very glowing afterward (also could be the result of not drinking … for those days)

very tiny!

Apparently this contains an effective combination of vitamin C, extracts of seabuckthorn and bistorta root, as well as α-tocopherol.

I have absolutely no idea what three of those things are, but hey, whatever works.


Door #23 and #24

Sea Creation THE SERUM (their caps). The promise: restructures the skin with luxurious, active anti-aging ingredients.

ZOMG! Sea-telligent!! This word is so glorious, I can’t even!

Door #24 was quite large and I was expecting something spectacular. To my surprise it was just more of the Sea Creation THE SERUM. Way to not end with a bang, Babor!

This was not too bad, but nowhere near as good as the Glow Booster Bi-Phase Ampoule. My skin did not appear to be restructured. Did last the full week though.


I can’t believe I’m done! And that it is just a smidge under a year since I bought this (and that I put off opening it for 6 months – what the hell is wrong with me?)

I really would have preferred this activity to have something new in each window, but given you’re supposed to do this over a month rather than drawing it out over six months, I can understand the repetition. Nonetheless it was really, really fun to have a wee treat to open on Monday mornings.

My favourites?

#21 and #22 Glow Booster Bi-Phase Ampoule

#1 and #2 and #3: hyrdra plus active fluid

Would I actually buy them? I’m not entirely sure. I do need a new serum – generally I use l’occitane immortelle precious serum and have run out. But the ampoules are really quite fiddly to manage and to be honest I am staggered that I have not spilled them all over the counter.

I did take a couple of drunken selfies with the DSLR last night and gosh! I am confrontingly full of wrinkles, so I’m pretty sure that this experiment didn’t do a whole lot to improve this. Though who knows? Perhaps I would have been even worse without!

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