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While randomly clicking about on the InformationSuperHighway this evening, I stumbled across this device:

The Chip Smart Cookie Oven!

It does what it says on the tin (makes cookies) … and … using a companion app, you scan the barcode off a pack of specially-made dough pods, drop the dough in, and the oven does the rest, automatically adjusting the temperature and cooling down at just the right time to guarantee perfectly baked cookies, every time.

You can even get yourself an additional cookie-dough subscription! A la carte = 4 classic (uncooked) cookies for US$5 … through to Premium = 16 (uncooked) cookies for US$27 per month.

The kickstarter.


And verily the cookie maker will become part of a zombie bot army and indulge in the occasional DDoS attack.


Note: I realise that some people out there will not have an oven in which to bake cookies, but come on, this is completely and utterly bonkers.

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