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Long-time readers will be all way, way, way too familiar with the gynaecological difficulties of a couple of years ago.

Alas, it appears those difficulties have returned with a venegeance.

Around 12 months ago, during my last appointment with Serge, I mentioned that things were not optimal and appeared to be getting worse. He advised there were really only two options available: ride out the gradually worstening situation until menopause or take Drastic Action.

After couple of recent very unpleasant incidents I’ve been really considering my options and yesterday morning on the train mentioned to Don that I was giving some thought to the Drastic Action route.

Such is the way of TheUniverse, I was visited by several particularly catastophic experiences (I will spare you the graphic details) later that day and decided Drastic Action was the only thing I could do. I called Serge’s office for an appointment and was fortunate enough to score a cancelled appointment for today. Normally it takes months to get in.

We discussed recent developments, he explained the risks and I am booked in for Drastic Action on 25 October.

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