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Visited Gyno this afternoon. His rooms have utterly spectacular views over the Botanic Gardens, Harbour and Eastern Sydney. He has wonderful decor and some lovely art and is really a very nice man. Can totally recommend if you’re looking – though he mostly focuses on the OB, rather than the GYN. So if you’re knocked up, get yourself to Dr Morris.

Had a chat about the mirena and, because I had not seen him since I’d had the ultrasound (my GP being the one to take care of that) told him about my incident and fibroids. He was a bit dismissively “oh x% of women over 40 have fibroids” but seemed to think the mirena could have good results and that I may lose the period altogether (1 in 3 women do).


Speculum in (shudder) and he asked, perplexed, “did I put your last IUD in?”
me: “you did”
Dr: “hmmmmm … let’s just stop this for a moment”.

Then he grabs the ultrasound wandy thing, rolls it around on my abdomen and asks, “how big was that fibroid you mentioned?”
me: “well, there were a couple, but the biggest was 2cm”
Dr: “it’s now 7cm”
me: “holy fuck! I only had the ultrasound in March, that can’t be good”.
Dr pales: “no, isn’t very good, but that definitely explains that bleeding”.

Upshot being, my ute is now quite distorted, the mirena would not make any difference, the big fibroid will probably keep growing at the same pace and the bleeding will get progressively worse.

I now have a referral to a surgeon to discuss My Options.

So, unfortunately, not really my salvation then.

Also, after that news, Don and I briefly interrupted out Dry July – just for this evening.


5 thoughts on “chop chop

  1. As we say in this house: that's not cool.
    Fair enough on the dry july too. And also, not fair that you have to wait for the ultrasound. Waiting is awful.

  2. Yes, the waiting, I think, is the most unpleasant part (well, not strictly true, the bleeding all over the furniture is the most unpleasant part).

    Managed to score an appointment with surgeon tomorrow because some angel of a person cancelled (ordinarily would be weeks).

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