this is not the efficiency you are looking for

I promise this will be the last post about my uterus for a good while!

With referrals for a sonohysterogram (ultrasound) and surgeon in hand, I’d hoped to quickly and efficiently knock over both appointments next week and come out the other side with A Plan.

I called to organise the sonohysterogram and was informed that I’d need to wait until my next period started again because I was too late in the cycle.

After hearing this, I became slightly sonohysterical and sat at my desk sobbing quietly (fortunately my cube neighbours were elsewhere) because I really am terribly reluctant to repeat the last week EVER AGAIN.

I’m planning to make the appointment with the surgeon next week sans sonohysterogram, I’m hoping we can at least discuss Options.

Despite chowing down on iron, I’m still exceptionally, unattractively pale (unlike Joan, who is exceptionally, attractively pale) and still very weak (stupid stairs) – this is making me quite surly indeed.

There will be many steaks in my future.


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