our shame

For obvious reasons, our usual Wednesday/Thursday weekly shopping / Meal Planning was delayed until this weekend.

We’d done most of the planning, but were at a bit of a loss as to what to have this evening. After some thought, Don decided, after last night’s masterchef he’d like to have a bash at Alvin’s Drunken Chicken and Bruised Salad.

We did most of our shopping at Leichhardt in an attempt to avoid the zoo which is Broadway on the weekend. Unfortunately, due to an absence of shaoxing wine (for the chicken) at Leichhardt we ended up at Broadway anyway.

Harris Farm Markets were our shaoxing wine salvation and as we were scanning for the other ingredient we required for Alvin’s dish, the woman standing next to us asked, “are you looking for dried shrimp to make a certain salad?”

I think our foodie wanker credentials should well and truly be revoked!


Edited to add: While the chicken wasn’t bad, we found it a bit too one-dimensional and wouldn’t have it again. The salad, however, was absolutely sensational and will definitely get another outing.

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