now with more uterus

Today I visited the surgeon. He is Chief of Gynecology at Very Big Public Hospital and teaches at Very Reputable Sandstone University. His rooms are much less spectacular than those of my other gynecologist, but do feature interesting and appropriately, quite menstrual, artwork.

Serge (geddit?) listed a number of options and why they wouldn’t really work in my circumstances. Essentially my options are surgery 1 (chopping Carlos and his merry band of fibriods [yes, I do anthropomorphise everything] out) or surgery 2 (complete ute removal). Risks rather similar, costs rather similarly hideously expensive. Despite his somewhat ditzy academic-ness, Serge did a brilliant job of explaining everything and answering questions, I felt confident the ute and I were in excellent hands.

So, decided this mint we’re paying in Health Insurance should be good for something (plus dare not run the risk of shared ward at Very Big Public Hospital) and have booked surgery for 2 September in Small Private Hospital near Joan’s haus.

I can decide up until the day before which option I’d like to go for. I’m leaning toward option 1, because, despite all the grief he causes me, I’m rather attached to my ute.

Whatever option I choose, I’ll have roughly the same down-time: at least 3 weeks off work. There is an upside to being at TheSaltMinesLimited for all this time, I’ve got a bunch of sick leave accrued! Now I need to stockpile books, dvds and chocolate and buy some slippers.

After all this. I am having another glass of wine.


3 thoughts on “now with more uterus

  1. I went for option 2 back when I was 36 – it worked for me. 🙂

    Suggest ugg boots for hospital.

    And… it took more like 6-8 weeks recovery.

    Mind you I did get a nasty cough while in hospital which didn't help.

    Good luck 🙂

  2. Oh, I think I know where'll you be – I was born there. Plus, it's very close, if you need anything and the fam aren't around – just tweet me up.

    I do hope that it sorts everything out for you.

  3. Thanks CB! Bit concerned about the 6-8 weeks (although I wouldn't complain about that much time off work)! Was yours abdominal?

    Thanks Jano, that's awesomely sweet of you. I reckon you probably do know where it is. I was surprised to learn it was a hospital, I'd always assumed it was an old persons facility and the hospital of the same name was elsewhere in the Eastern Suburbs.

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