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This afternoon, Bessie and I ventured out to the SCG to welcome the Ducks home because … ZOMFG! we won the Grand Final!!!

Just how did that happen?

We’ll discuss that Ducks tattoo I promised I’d get on my bottom 10 min out from the siren (bargaining with TheUniverse for teh win) at a later date.

And I don’t really want to go into too much detail regarding the difficulties in getting into our preferred Grand Final Viewing Venue (where Don and I had Such A Romance in 2006) – unfortunately, though ariiving quite early, we were unable to get in because of Extreme Queueing (even before opening time). We ended up at at pub I’d regularly pushed a tiny Joe/Frank past in the stroller when we walked Joan to school (before my horrific insane-inducing Suburban Experience) back in 1994/5. The pub ended up quite Ace! and all the better because the most excellent Heather (the local) joined us.

Anyhoo …

When Bessie and I arrived at SCG today, we got a good look at what has become of my beloved Noble Stand (under de-construction in 2012). Honestly, Noble really made the Ducks experience for me – so very 1960s RSL club – the members bonding, the ghastly snack-bar food, the hideous carpet, the after-match function compleat with horrid band & the Z-Grade player appearances, the decor, the stupid comments by officials, the belonging. Honestly, it felt like I was part of something and my game experience has been much the poorer since we moved to the other side of the ground.

Today, Bessie and I chilled in the Ladies Stand (we’d not been able to sit there previously because of Reasons) and waited for the playing group / football department (one apparently does not refer to the team as the team) to arrive.


While we waited, we shopped …

Way too much spent on merch! But how can one resist?

But I think this is the very best merch I have ever seen in my whole entire life and I am having a sleep before I commit to buying. But hey, think of the savings we’ve made by not travelling to Melbourne and gifting our Grand Final ticket allocation to Don’s colleague.

But Holy!Goodness! if we get in again, we’re totes making the trip down.

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