and yeah i know he’s a pretty good read …

Around 6 weeks ago I received a message that [person] from [recruitment firm] had telephoned & would appreciate my call back.

Ace! I thought, I’m being head-hunted!

Alas, he wanted to offer people to me (the perils of moving to a Management role). We chatted for a while about the composition of my team and how he might offer me some excellent, unbelievably skilled, candidates beyond my wildest dreams.

We then indulged in idle chit-chat and Recruiter asked where I was from / what my background was. I was somewhat nonplussed for a second …

Me: “Are you asking if I’m Australian?”

Recruiter: “Yes”.

Me: “Yes, I am”.

Recuiter: “I am very surprised, because you’re extremely well-spoken”.

Recruiter could not understand why I was corpsed with horrified laughter.

Honestly, what the hell?

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