november activities

hello ladies!

So I took that good look at the 50before50 list and  chose the five things that I’m hoping to knock over before the end of November. In keeping with the frugal theme, none of these will cost me a cent.

✚ Watch 3 of the movies on #46
✚ #19: Back Arch, like this (I can get to position C-D against a wall – albeit very inelegantly):

✚ #16: Learn to complete a cryptic crossword. Must re-commence the for dummies books (possibly from the start)
✚ #8: Make (or at least start) that patchwork quilt
✚ #43: one of those 5 hikes

And I’m giving myself to almost the end of November to change items on the list – after that I holding myself to all of them.

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