50before50: #46 watch those films which have passed me by (1-3/16)

This list item was inspired by the fact that Kill Bill 2 was on television and I realised I had never seen it (or Kill Bill 1 for that matter). This lead me to thinking about all those films I’ve not seen, that I probably should – not necessarily important or classic films, more like Zeitgiesty films, if you will. We’re not really talking high art here.

Anyway, I watched Kill Bill 2 and I very much enjoyed it – all rollicking and rompy.

I didn’t really go into the project with a list of films in mind. I chose 16 in total because I thought one every six weeks was probably manageable, and because too much challenge is barely enough I’m going to comment on them in 10 words or less.

By virtue of the fact that they were also on television, I watched:
O brother, where art thou? – I either love or hate Coen Brothers films, loved this.
Jackie Brown – Loved. Probably the least violent Tarantino film I’ve ever seen.

Then I sought out Glengarry Glen Ross – Liked. An awful lot of cultural references now make sense.

And then the project sort of lay fallow while the cricket has been on every evening over the summer.

I had it in mind that I wanted to watch American Beauty and Lantana, but hadn’t thought much further than that. Having some idle time on Friday night, Bessie read out a bunch of x films you must see before you … [die/turn25/turn30] lists and I came up with some more. These may not necessarily make it to the final list, but I’m going with them for now:

Being John Malkovich
The Matrix
The Apartment
Blow up
Die Hard (shut up!)
Faster pussycat, kill! kill!
Dr Strangelove
7th Seal
The Ice Storm
The Grifters
The Royal Tenenbaums

Still two more to go to complete the list of 16. Happy for further suggestions if you have them! I’m allergic to all things whimsy and woody allen. [edited almost a year later – holy!goodness! counting fail – this IS a list of 16, oops]

Then I actually have to sit myself down and do the thing.

6 thoughts on “50before50: #46 watch those films which have passed me by (1-3/16)

  1. See, I think it is ok to watch Die Hard as a homage to Alan Rickman. I loved Lantana when it came out a seriously good drama and such a cast but I am not sure how it will have aged. I love the Jackie Brown soundtrack and that opening shot of her in the airport? Fantastic.

    • That’s exactly what prompted adding Die Hard to the list, I didn’t even know Alan Rickman was in it!

      I rented Lantana when it first came out on DVD and then didn’t watch it. Then had it sitting on my hard drive for years, and didn’t watch it. I’ll be interested to see how it stands up.

      I totally agree on the soundtrack & the opening shot of Jackie Brown.

      They’ve had some fantastic movies on SBS/SBS2 in the past couple of months – has delivered loads of stuff to me, so I’ve had to put in little effort.

  2. Alan Rickman makes Die Hard – we just watched it Sunday night as an homage and have watched it several times because he’s so awesome.
    I can’t believe he’s gone, so terribly sad! Also David Bowie!
    Die Hard 2 is actually good too because of William Sadler – subsequent movies are utter crap.
    I have been meaning to send a proper email for ages, have so much catching up to do.

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