and maybe a february spending fast?

I was really excited to get back to the push-ups project this morning, which I’d put on hold for 11 days until my stitches were removed.

When I stopped I was at 51 (knee) push-ups and was a little concerned that I’d have completely lost momentum and would only be able to manage 10. BUT I DID 52! WOO HOO!

So hopefully I’m now completely back on the fitness train. I’m going to try to add 2x planks in the evening before bed, in attempt to make the core a little less jelly-like.

After an early dental appointment (for my 6-monthly cleaning), we continued our January spending frenzy with a trip to the chef and the cook for a dedicated lasagne pan (our current bodgy arrangement was not working particularly well) and then into the city to buy another pair of shoes for Don. Sadly they didn’t have his size in his preferred shoe in store (or any store), happily they did have a pair of merrell sandals in my size at a bargain price, so I was forced to buy them. We wandered about a bit, surprisingly resisted buying a crazy-expensive wifi/bluetooth speaker and finished off with dumplings from din tai fung – so, so good!

Afterward NewKitty and Don (and Bessie) slothed about and watched terms and conditions may apply.

Then there was a little more slothing:

Bessie was out seeing the hateful eight this evening and Joe/Frank was working, so Don and I ducked out for dinner at yet another gentrified local pub. The food was not awful, but kind of underwhelming and trying a bit too hard. All manner of glossy patrons too – which is not really in keeping with this area at all, we’re more of the hipster, less of the sparkle. I don’t think we’ll be rushing back in a hurry – PHP (or Oxford Tavern) forever!

These last two days have gone way too quickly, I’ll be back at work before I get time to catch my breath. Fortunately it’s another 4 day week and then an extra-long long weekend!

What I really need for tomorrow is a nice, meaty action item list.

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