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Woo hoo – my stitches were finally removed today!

The consensus was that the wound healed “beautifully”. At 2.5cm (around 1 inch), the scar now at least twice as long as the original, but apparently will heal flatter. And the good news is that they got all of the BCC the first time!

The first thing I was planning to do afterward was go for a run, but sadly it was absolutely pouring, so I had to wait for a break in the weather and finally got about 1pm. I probably shouldn’t have run 5km because I ended up with a stitch in my right side at about the halfway point and a bit of a sore knee – and I was knackered for a good while afterward. BUT, ohmygosh, I really needed that!

Otherwise, I did not a whole lot on my day off except mindlessly sit around and some light tidying. I really, desperately needed a sloth day – it has been a pretty intense week, what with the finger chopping and the being back at SML.

I thought I might have to rescue a wee young bird who was hopping about on the front veranda this afternoon and was quite conflicted about this as these birds are completely and utterly evil when grown up.

Fortunately I was saved any decision making as his parent seemed to have come to his rescue. Hopefully these bird-monsters will now stay away.


I’ve been eyeing the the phaidon archive of graphic design for a while now, but really couldn’t justify spending $195.11.

But when I saw it for $20 on eBay, I was compelled to bid. The seller contacted me wanting to close the auction early and asked if I could collect it that afternoon.

You bet I could! So yesterday after work I drove to North Bondi in a pretty dreadful storm and verily …


I plan to sit on the floor with a cup of tea and delight in the pretties.

2 thoughts on “and a little more clutter

    • I’m glad to get the reassurance of the extra testing.

      I’m kind of unconvinced that the scar is actually any flatter – it still has distinct points at each end, but we’ll see what happens in 6 months. I’ve been instructed to massage the points a couple of times a day to soften them. I suspect this will probably not be an easy thing to remember.

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