glad to be home with this wee creature who is full of adorableness and biting

As I mentioned here I’ve recently been doing quite a lot of mindless scrolling and skimming on the InformationSuperhighway and not much of anything else. It is such an easy trap to fall into – as evidenced by the approximately 89783 times I’ve posted about this over the past [many] years.

This, I think, has had a bit of a deleterious effect on my daily posting – I’ll flick off a quick post on my phone as I’m going to sleep and anything substantial just falls by the wayside. It’s kind of lazy and I’m not really happy with it.

The scrolling and skimming has had an impact in other ways too – I’ll be endlessly clicking about in the morning and skip doing push-ups, or getting out for a run, or writing the daily list (last entries were 27 May, then 28-29-30 June, 1 July, then 16 July, then nothing).

This year I also began keeping a bit of a diary about what I wore, ate, what time the kitties woke me, and other snippets. This stopped abruptly on 4 May. On that day I wore a boden navy broderie anglaise dress, purple tights and a gold necklace comprised of circles. I had coffee, no breakfast, a pot of tension tamer, a spicy chicken wrap for lunch, Lebanese take-away for dinner, drank wine and ate a small chocolate. The kitties woke me at 4:10, Don yelled at them and they went away until 5am. I noted that I did not drink enough water, we had our first automated payroll, I woke up cranky and Bobs was killing me with unreasonable requests for root cause analyses of about 60 processes. Wow – quite excruciating, but I’ve just lost about 15 minutes reading back-entries and am determined to pick this up again.

Today is a public holiday in NSW to celebrate Labour Day. I’m going to devote the day to sorting out stuff. Computer-wise: editing photos, writing updates on reading and music buying, Japan things. Real life: ruthlessly declutter yarn, fabric and DVDs.

And I’m going to hide my tablet (worst enabler) for a couple of weeks in an effort to pay attention to what is going on around me for a while.


Several hours later and I have not done many of these things at all. I did meal plan, go grocery shopping and make red beans and rice. And we did sort through a very big stack of burned CDs/DVDs and discovered some treasures and some wut?!

And now I’m about to ruthlessly attack some yarn.

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