such a lovely clear spring evening – if a little freezing!

I’m in the middle of two four day work weeks in a row (exciting!). Even better – I’ve had three four day weeks from the last four.

Sadly this cannot last and it will be pretty much solidly slaving until the Christmas holidays – maybe I’ll grab an extra week there on top of the public holidays and mandatory SML shut down – this might ease the pain a little. 

So, October. I’m very excited for the start of daylight savings and not coming home in the dark. As much as I would like it to be, ThePalace(OfLove) is not at all cosy or full of hygge.

I’m planning to use October to carpe the everything and get down to some serious getting things done. This is not necessarily going to manifest itself  in the culty GTD way, it will be more of a getting back on track. At the very least: cycling, running, pilates, general exercise, reading, writing, editing holiday photos and doing something with them, cooking new things, no alcohol until birthday, back on 5:2, knitting, planting. There will be less of: mindless InformationSuperhighway, mindless news sites and other non-value-add activities.
Too ambitious?

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