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As part of the shake-up of SML, we have (yet another) pack of consultants in. This pack (herd? gaggle? siege?) are doing work around culture – as in making the place slightly1 less dysfunctional and slightly1 more high performing.

I have Views on this topic (so many views!) and I completely adore culture stuff, so it has been interesting to watch the process evolve. As an aside, I’m rather loving observing the many consultants currently in our habitat (except for the toddlers who were really quite ghastly, but that is a story for another time).

This week we’ve had sessions on SML’s (new) values. In small(ish) groups – we sat around and each had to demonstrate how we were planning to live each of the four values. We could do this through writing, drawing, plasticine, interpretive dance &etc. 

**pause for eye rolling**

Actually it was quite interesting to see what people in my session came up with. And it was all quite positive and fun (I know, what have I become? I don’t even know who I am anymore). Annoyingly we did have a couple of serial whingers who were more interested in complaining about what SML wasn’t doing for them – not the point, dickheads. We were the only session thus blessed – which is both a good and bad thing  – good, not too many vocal dickheads; bad, I ended up with them.

Best of all the things was the plasticine! I went into the session in a pretty curmudgeonly state (see previous post) and came out quite serene, which I pretty much attribute to making wee sculptures. Perhaps I need to acquire some modelling clay for my desk. 


1 for slightly read massively

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