and again

blurry bridge (more canberra)

My last couple of attempts at this haven’t been entirely successful, but I am going to give this one more crack – and getting in early so I can include Friday evening.

Quite Pedestrian ActionItems for the weekend:

✚ 2x 3km+ run
✚ handwashing
✚ 2x chapter of cryptic crosswords for dummies (one per day)
✚ no alcohol
✚ keep food log & cut back on stuffing self full of snacks
✚ acquire remaining things on the Japan “to acquire” list
✚ make pie
✚ consider pilates class on Sunday morning
✚ make biscuits
✚ knit 2x pattern repeat of scarf
✚ take a good hard look at the hardware stash
✚ start stretches for splits
✚ write that list of blog posts
✚ acquire kitty supplies

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