if this doesn’t put you to sleep, nothing will

(and more canberra) delightfully baffling sign**

So, that quite ordinary list of things to post about:

✚ my recently read books
✚ my recently purchased music
✚ 4 years in ThePalace(OfLove)
✚ Canberra mini-break
✚ new camera lens & needing practice
✚ painting Bessie’s room (which happened ages ago)
✚ giant things from costco (also ages ago)
✚ the toddler management consultants
✚ disastrous attempt at white box for bedhead storage
✚ glucosamine
✚ shared upstairs landing (must check if I’ve written about that already)
✚ babor serum update
✚ new shoes
✚ mood and spring-like weather

I’m sure there is more, but that should be enough to be going on with.


** i am certain it has an un-baffling explanation that is not in the least delightful

5 thoughts on “if this doesn’t put you to sleep, nothing will

  1. There is which is to do with all ACT land being leasehold not freehold (a familiar concept in London but not in Australia). If you went round the embassy route you might have seen weed covered plots saying “reserved for the embassy of Iran” and such like

    • This is fascinating. I had no idea that there was such a thing! I feel like this is going to send me down a bit of a research rabbit-hole.

      I feel like there was a lot we missed out on – need to return!

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