corrupting absolutely

canberra: i’m not entirely sure why this sign delighted me so much

More changes are afoot at SML. In the next week Vincenzo, my most excellent long-time minion, will be joining Knut’s team to focus exclusively on ice-skating. 

Knut will be taking over my ice-skating function entirely, leaving me with the brain-surgery and shearing components – as well as the newly created fighter-pilot role.

After over 11 years on the ice, I am so thrilled to be never having to put the skates on again (though of course will do the mentor thing when required).

It will also be excellent for Vincenzo (though Knut is universally acknowledged to be a dreadful manager). When even consultants start using carolbaby-and-vincenzo as a gestalt entity (“you’ve got a great ice-skating system in the business already, otherwise known as carolbaby-and-vincenzo”), you know it is time to shake things up. 

I’m pretty delighted with this outcome, I was incredibly over-stretched and this will make things infinitely more manageable. My mind boggles at how much influence I have had lately on divisional structure and direction – it is very satisfying, but what? You’re listening to me?

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