channelling my inner jeffrey smart – desolate canberra

In 25 days we fly out to Japan! That snuck up rather quickly (as these things tend to).

You’d be surprised that for someone who loves lists and planning I am the exact opposite when it comes to travelling. I tend to throw some clothes in a suitcase just before we leave and work out what I want to do once I’m on the ground. Don is not a huge fan of this approach, which is interesting  because he loathes lists and planning in Real Life. 

We’re thankfully at the point where we appreciate our differences. He plans and I am the person in charge of remaining calm and keeping everything chill.

Tonight we made a small list of things we’ll need to take with us and this week will probably investigate a couple of things to see (recommendations welcome!) but mostly while there we’ll indulge in our very favourite travel pastimes of walking about aimlessly, discovering random cool things, feasting, shopping and taking photos.

It’s very exciting! But Holy!Goodness! I have a ton of worky-work to get through before I leave. So nose to the proverbial for the next wee while.

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