escaping the rut

Tomorrow we’re taking panzo for his first very long leisurely drive. I’m insanely excited about our mini-break this weekend (SML has been intense and I could really do with the break). Lots of feasting, walking and relaxing is on the agenda.


Meanwhile, some extra snaps from date night on Saturday. We definitely need more date nights in our lives. I think we have kind of become hermits since moving to ThePalace(OfLove). Though hermitude is an excellent money-saving life-choice and ThePalace is wonderful, it is nice to get out and amongst it.

ubiquitous date night feet shot (forgot to get one with don’s feet)

hung just at the level for the wait staff to clock their heads on it

walked via the foreshore to grab a drink at bulletin place before heading home

that famous building

yeah, our city is not too shabby at all

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