crazy cat lady: #365451345

monday 01/08

Once a year if we’re lucky, the kitties will get this close to one another and I become wildly excited1.

Even more astounding is that BabyKitty was actually on the bed! This basically never happens – maybe it might have happened once about 3 years ago.

And today was the third day out of four where BabyKitty jumped up on the bed in the morning and lolled about. I very radically decided to spend Sunday morning in bed reading and she curled up next to my feet for hours.

wednesday 03/08

Cats are weird.

Don and I are heading out for a mini-break over the weekend, leaving Joe/Frank and Joan to mind ThePalace(OfLove) and kitty wrangle. The kitties are insanely change-averse, so I feel like this uneasy kitty-alliance and calm is unlikely to last the weekend.


1 I’ve never really considered why I get wildly excited, possibly I have happy visions of kitties snuggling or because I just want everyone to love.

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