Of course I could not resist the temptation to count the contents of that wee bolts bag this evening.

A grand total of 1,002 tiny bolts | 86 nuts/washers | 2 jumpers/shunts. Yipes! I’d rather underestimated the volume with my guess of 200!

After counting I tipped them into the excellent foldio2 for a quick photoshoot

And how could I resist making a heart?

I did quite enjoy messing about with them, but I do think they have to go. I’m in a completely different life-space than when I began accumulating this stuff, which I estimate was <gasp> over 15 years ago. Back then I was much more of a tinkerer and who knew what you’d need in an emergency or to bust out at the very last minute for a school project?

After sorting through the rest of the hardware collection (big bolts, small screws, big screws &etc), I intend to cull this bag down to 20 and donate the rest to the bower.

And I actually feel surprisingly good about that decision.

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4 Responses to satisfying

  1. That second photo would make a great valentine’s day greeting. A card for someone for whom the giver has very conflicted emotions.


  2. ganching says:

    I agree with Katy, a very good photo. I am wondering though how long it took you to count them??


    • carolbaby says:

      ACK! I replied to this and it appears to have vanished.

      I thanked you and said I owed it all to foldio2.

      Then I said that it took me roughly 30 minutes maybe less for the counting. I counted in 2s and made piles of 100 (like counting coins). I then noted that it was very meditative.

      (stupid wordpress)


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