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boxing newkitty

I’m trucking on and fighting off the cold. I feel rather better than yesterday, which is surprising as SML usually makes these things infinitely worse.

It was fitness/wellness goal setting day at SML for the week ahead and I chose (amongst other things) “do one thing outside my normal routine each day this week”. This evening it was reading the DSLR manual and futzing about with the new 35mm lens I bought at lunchtime in the best #treatyoself fashion.

I think coming up with new things will be quite a challenge, but I desperately need something different in my life. I’ve fallen into a bit of a winter rut – where the days pass by in a monotonous monotony, because it is so cold and dark and whatever. 

One of my other goals for the week is to ditch the cold – so I need to take it easy, to stay warm and force myself to have a lengthy, refreshing sleep.

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