day 2 of non-routine

I’ve been coveting this light box for a few years and recently, after some agonising1, finally I pulled the trigger. My philosophy was that if my desire had not waned at this point, I probably really actually do want it (as opposed to whim).

It arrived yesterday and this evening I cracked the box and I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN!

wee truck found in the sea in new caledonia

still life with giant lemons

favourite tacky souvenir from rome

current knitting project

dslr (he really needs a name) with new 35mm lens

All taken with the iphone 5s (I’m really stunned by the clarity of the pix)

It is really hard to take photos in ThePalace(OfLove), we have spotlights and the light and reflections bounce everywhere. This will let me have a lot of fun taking random photos of tiny objects! You have been duly warned.

I do want to keep up all the time and take photos of all the things, but fortunately it folds away neatly, else the kitties would quickly make a bed from it.


1 I’m still kind of coming to terms with allowing myself to spend money on frivolous things.

4 thoughts on “day 2 of non-routine

    • You should totally get one, I’m all about being cheered by fun gadgets – and it sounds like you definitely need a mood boost!

      Think of all the tiny things you could photograph!

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